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BIYS Challenge Day 22: You Made it to the End! It's Time to Reflect.

We are in the last 5 blog posts (the last post for this challenge is next Wednesday, the 9th) of this challenge and I couldn’t be more excited. We went through a week of recognizing and dismantling our fears, planning our goals with the right research tools and methods, and executed them to the best of our abilities. So, what did you learn?

I want you to reflect on everything positive you did this past month. Give yourself a round of applause! You did it!

Journal about these following questions:

What am I most proud of myself for?

What brought me the most joy?

What made me feel good after I finished it?

Who do I see myself becoming if I continue these positive actions?

Who did I positively impact as the result of my actions? Who could I potentially positively impact as the result of my actions?

Who inspired me the most during this challenge?

Where do I see myself going with these positive actions?

Where could these positive actions take me? Perhaps to different countries, cities or states?

When, throughout the past month, did I feel the most inspired?

When did I see myself becoming the person I’ve always wanted to be?

Why did I begin this challenge in the first place?

Why did these moments I mentioned earlier make me feel happy, fulfilled, inspired, etc?

How can I continue these positive actions after this challenge is over?

How can I continue to stay inspired and chase my dreams?

Take today and tomorrow to reflect on these questions because Wednesday we will be going over the mistakes, moments of discouragement, and lessons you learned this month. So please take this time to bask in your accomplishment of making it to the end! Congrats, my loves.

Love and Light,



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