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Affirmations for Radical Self-Love, Removing Negativity and Grounding— from JFBG’s 1st Virtual Event

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Sometimes you need a few affirmations to carry with you in your daily life to use whenever you’re feeling low. Here is a list of affirmations that cover everything from removing negativity out of your energy to giving gratitude to your body.

These affirmations are from a virtual event Sierra and I had the honor of doing; I led a guided affirmation meditation with the affirmations below, and Sierra performed poems from her soon-to-be-released poetry book coming in June. So keep your eyes peeled for more events, both virtual and physical as well as the book, because all of these are coming SOON! :)

I am perfectly in alignment with my highest, most positive good.

I release all negative and limiting thought patterns, beliefs and ideas that stops me from seeing myself in a higher light.

I am not a reflection of the way people treat me.

I embrace my body, and I give my body grace and love with ease.

I deserve to be treated and spoken to with kindness and respect.

I celebrate my accomplishments more than I weep for my sorrows.

I thank my body for carrying me through my toughest days.

I am highly valuable and talented.

I remove any and all foreign energy out of my energy and I call all of my energy back to me.

I deserve to be happy and comfortable.

Of course, I love to say whichever I choose three times. And remember, words are power, so when you begin to see your reality shifting, remember these words you speak over your life and know that the shifts are in alignment with your highest, most positive good.

With love,

Sierra and Azé

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