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Why We Started.

Our Inspiration

Our names are Sierra and Azé and we provide direct mutual aid to, and the positive representation of Black Womxn, Black Queer Womxn and girls who struggle with their mental health. It is our mission to do whatever we can to remind Black Womxn, Black Queer Womxn and girls who struggle with their mental health that there are people who believe in them, who support them, who appreciate their existence and who will do whatever it takes to keep them here.


Since the pandemic began, there have been hundreds of crises the pandemic brought light to, created, and exacerbated. With our backgrounds in community service, and Sierra's heavy research on Structural Racism and Black Women's Mental Health, we decided to start our own direct mutual aid project inspired by our own struggles with mental health and those of close members of our community.



You can expect content that is wholly centered upon Radical Self-Love, the theory created by Sonya Renee Taylor, as our intention is to spark little fires everywhere across the country and across the globe of Black Queer Womxn creating safe, healing spaces within themselves, their homes and the greater communities they are a part of. We hope to build a community where we have space to collectively heal by sharing the insights that we’ve gained regarding mental health with each other. We hope to build a community where Black Womxn are not afraid to prioritize their mental health, and all of the positive things that bring them joy.

​The content that you can expect includes blog posts about navigating body dysmorphia, anxiety, generational trauma, misogynoir, body positivity, depression, colorism, fat-phobia, homophobia, and an array of different topics that spans the topics of mental health, Radical-Self Love, Blackness and Queerness.  You will also have access to posts about insights from Sierra and me from our spiritual journeys, and the insights from all of the other people in this community. Expect to learn and grow with us through our journey in this lifetime as Black, Queer, Plus-Sized, Dark-Skin women who purely want to help those who look like us, and educate those who don’t on how they can be of help and support.

 What to Expect
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