Why I Started.

My Inspiration

To begin, my name is Azé (uh-zay) Williams. I am an 18 year old freshman in college and I'm tired of constantly seeing Black Women being disrespected -- both in my personal life and on international multimedia platforms. 

Growing up, I experienced colorism, fatshaming and the neglect of my very humanity by teaching me that my emotions are invalid and that my reactions to disrespectful situations are unnecessary.  The worst part of it is most of these soul-crushing, confidence-depleting, bitterness-promoting systems bestowed upon my life came from my own family, with the rest coming from the ill-representation of people who looked like me on TV.

In the age of social media, where dark-skinned black women are coming to realize that the 'appreciation' of our dark skin is actually a fad, fetishism in a disguise, and that 'curvy' women are only accepted as long as they don't have too many rolls, and where Black Women are  ignored in conversations about dating, our health and wellness, how we're represented in multimedia and how we're treated in real life, I thought it only right to provide a space where Black Women are loved upon. Especially by another Black Woman, not someone hiding behind an Instagram page where they only post pictures of naked, oily, 'slim-thick', Black Women in afros. 

I want this website to be a space where Black Women can convene and talk about anything and everything relating to Black girlhood, Black Womanhood, Black Women's health and wellness, Black Women's beauty and fashion, Black Women's social issues, Black Women and dating, Black Women in the corporate space and Black Women in the influencer space, whether it be YouTube, Instagram, Hollywood or Blogging :).

This space is judgement free and I mean that. Take it from me, as an 18 year old Black girl from the hood who describes her sexual orientation as "free spirit'" and believes "an influencer" is a legitimate career option. I am as liberal as they get. This does not mean this space excludes people who are conservative. If you identify as a woman and you are Black, please come and chat. Yes, this means my trans sisters as well. Please do not hesitate to join the family. 

Aight, y'all let's hop into loving on Black Women. No one's going to do it for us.