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BIYS Challenge Day 24: Acknowledging Your Mistakes, Weaknesses and Negative Habits

There will always be shortcomings when we introduce something new into our lives. If it’s a new way of eating, there will be days we cheat. If it is a new workout regimen, there will be days we don’t do it. And all of that’s OK, as long as you don’t quit. 

These mistakes are opportunities for growth; they allow us to go inside ourselves and reflect on why we made the decisions we did. The questions below are specifically for this introspective work, and will help you gain insights about what inside of you is preventing you from achieving your greatest potential.

Did you give your absolute best effort to completing this challenge?

What were the most difficult parts of this challenge? Why?

What made you want to quit?

What caused you to revert back to your old habits and thinking patterns?

How did you feel when you quit? If you felt better, why? If you felt ashamed or guilty, why?

How did you react to the difficult parts of the challenge you mentioned earlier? Was it positive or negative?

What areas of yourself and your life do you know you need to improve upon? 

How are you going to implement these changes in your daily life?

When are you going to implement these changes in your daily life?

Acknowledging your mistakes with full accountability is necessary for any growth or progression in your life. As a matter of fact, this is probably the most important part of the challenge because this is where the maturity and growth is going to occur. 

Love and Light,



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