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BIYS Challenge Day 1: Exercises You Can Do to Overcome Your Fears

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

What are you most afraid will happen if you decide to chase your dreams? Is it what people -- your family, friends and associates -- will think of you? Is it being afraid of the unknown, not knowing how your plans will turn out? Or perhaps you’re afraid of not comparing with others in your desired industry. Whatever your fears are, I’m here to tell you they are completely normal to have, but should not be used as a source of guidance for your life.

It’s natural to feel fear, we are all afraid of what we can’t control. And guess what, we can’t control what others think of us, and plans usually never happen how we write them down. So what do you do? Instead of letting these fears and anxieties keep you from being happy, and really living life how you want to, you can face them head on. Today!

Here is a list of exercises that you can do to help free your mind from your fears:


Write down your biggest hopes and dreams. Don’t hold back. Your dreams and desires are valid and real. It doesn’t matter if you write about having a deeply fulfilling, romantic relationship, or working with your favorite celebrity in your dream industry, or living in a different country. All of these are possible for you in this lifetime.

Once you do this, write down what scares you about pursuing these. Don’t hold back. Be honest with yourself. Perhaps you’ll make connections to traumatic experiences you had in your childhood or something someone said to you. Write down these hurts and disappointments and explore them. What hurt you the most? Why did it stay with you until today? How did this make you feel about yourself?

Finally, reflect. Are your fears really bigger than your biggest, wildest, heart-pumping dreams? Do other people -- what they’ve said to you and/or about you and how they’ve treated you -- really have that much control over what you do with your time?


When you get that sinking feeling in your stomach when you’re about to do something you REALLY want to do but are having second thoughts and your mind is plagued with ‘What if?’ questions, breathe. In and out. Bring the attention back to the task at hand because the past is behind you and the future doesn’t exist.

Think Positive.

This is connected to the ‘What if?’ questions I mentioned before. These questions usually have a negative outcome attached to them. ‘What if I’m not good enough?’, ‘What if I mess up?’, ‘What if people start clowning me?’ They can go on and on, and ultimately keep you from achieving your goals. When this happens, turn them around and imagine a positive outcome. I promise you are your own worst critic, and you downplay your beauty, grace, talents and work ethic. In whatever you do, think positive. Remember, the future doesn’t exist, but is made of what you do in the present.

Know Your Worth.

Did you think you were gonna finish this article without receiving some encouragement? Please understand that you are a divine being, God’s Child, made in His likeness. This means you are inherently perfect, and everything you need to achieve is inside you right now, at this very moment. You lack nothing, and whatever you want to achieve, God and the angels are guiding and protecting you along the way. You deserve every last drop of love, success, prosperity, abundance, happiness and peace that you fantasize about. You have to recognize this, and know that you’re worthy. You are worthy, and you are worth the time it will take to heal from the experiences that made you think you don’t deserve these things.

Of course these are not one-and-done exercises. Remember, fear is natural and we experience it all the time. These exercises are to help you identify your fears and face them head on so they don’t stop you from achieving your dreams. The brain is pretty good at forming new fears as you progress through life, so whenever you feel a new one approaching make sure to remember these exercises and use them.

Complete the first exercise before Wednesday, because on Wednesday we’re going to examine the different ways fear manifests in our lives, ranging from negative self talk to procrastination. But before we get into behaviors that limit you, you have to examine your mind as everything starts with your mindset.

Love and Light,



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