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My Favorite Affirmations for Self-Love and Compassion

This post is inspired by one of my readers. She reached out to me about the way she views herself, love and whether or not she’ll ever find someone who deserves her. I gave her some dope advice which revolved around self-love and compassion, and I’m going to elaborate on some of the points I made in my message to her, with today’s post focusing on affirmations.

So here is a list I compiled of my favorite affirmations for self-love and compassion.

  1. I am whole.

  2. I am worthy of patience and forgiveness.

  3. I am trying my best.

  4. Taking care of myself is enough.

  5. I am kind to myself and others.

  6. Love is all around me.

  7. I forgive myself.

  8. I deserve happiness without sacrifice.

  9. I deserve happiness without pain.

  10. I deserve love without pain.

  11. My body is a temple.

  12. My body is gentle.

  13. My body is delicate.

  14. I thank my body for enduring everything it’s been through.

  15. I see the beauty in me.

  16. I see the beauty in others.

  17. I make mistakes. And that’s ok.

  18. I’m not perfect. And that’s ok.

  19. I have nothing to prove.

  20. I am content with my life.

  21. I am content with my body.

  22. I like the person I see in the mirror.

  23. I love the person I see in the mirror.

  24. My body is worthy of attention and care.

  25. I am worthy of attention and care.

  26. The greatest gift I can have is the gift of self-worth and understanding.

  27. I am valuable.

  28. I am passionate.

  29. I am tender.

  30. My emotions are valid.

  31. I let go of all thoughts that no longer serve me well.

  32. I welcome love and light into my life.

  33. My body is the most beautiful, tender and strong home I could ever ask for.

  34. I love myself and my body.

Once you change your mindset you can change the world. Speak kinder to yourself. Speak positivity over your life. Would you say what you say to, and about yourself to a friend? Or even a stranger? If you’d feel guilty saying what you say to yourself to others, why do you think it’s ok to say those things to yourself?

Or maybe you wouldn’t feel guilty saying those things to friends or strangers. Maybe you already do. Does saying those things to others make you feel any less hurt, abandoned or unworthy of love? Does it get rid of the hole you’re trying to fill? The emptiness you’re trying to get rid of?

Change the narrative. Speak positivity. Watch how your life turns around.

I love you all.


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