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It’s Time to Celebrate 🎉 Sunkissed Child One Year Anniversary— here’s what you need to know

Sunkissed Child, I will be performing at the Weylin for the 20th anniversary of the Sadie Nash Leadership Project this June! Celebrating the 1 year anniversary of Sunkissed Child:Poetry in Black Life and performing this June is such a gift. Having the opportunity to spread the messages of Sunkissed Child regarding mental health wellness, radical self-care and love, and hope on such a massive scale is a dream come true.

We want you all to be the first to know so that you don’t miss out on your opportunity to celebrate with us, and be in community with us as we celebrate all these milestones. We also don’t want any of you all here to miss out on your opportunity to get all of your Sunkissed Child merch, books, mugs, candles!

Since we are celebrating the One Year Anniversary of Sunkissed Child with you, it is only right that you all as members of JFBG get exclusive access and perks; so when you visit to get your Sunkissed Child merch, use code ONEYEAR for $10 off.

For those of you who are new here, Azé and I published my debut poetry novel, Sunkissed Child:Poetry in Black Life last year in June, which is all about a Black woman’s journey to radical self-love and fostering mental, spiritual, emotional and physical health wellness amidst the trying circumstances of living in the world as a black woman. This upcoming performance in June is such a full circle moment for us and we’d love to loop you all in on the celebration…as such, get ready for some AMAZING articles, videos, and all things Sunkissed Child x JustforBlackGirls, because honey…we’re doing it BIG🥳💅🏾💕🙌

If you’re a member here on JFBG, be sure to SUBSCRIBE to our Si Slays and Azé TV YouTube Channel because that is where we will be posting vlogs + videos where you can follow us along on the journey to performing at the event💅🏾 for something this serious we had to start prepping as soon as possible so subscribe and hit that bell notification so you never miss a post

We also want to make sure that you guys, our JFBG fam, YT fam, Patreon Fam, have the best opportunity to get ALL OF YOUR SUNKISSED CHILD MERCH! 💞

Use Code ONE YEAR for $10 off your Sunkissed Child books & Merch 💞We love you, and we’re so glad you’re here 💞

See you soon,

Sierra and Azé

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