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A Tender Tuesday Love Letter to Black Girls and Women

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Dear Black Women and Girls,

I hope you all are safe, blessed and at peace.

I want to let you know I love you because of who you are. I love you because you are a human being that needs love, compassion and tenderness as much as anyone else. I love you because you are worthy of happiness and affection in this life. You deserve the highest quality of life: the best of experiences, the purest of joys, the loudest of laughs, the deepest of loves and the fattest of checks.

I know life is not always kind to you. People are ignorant, rude, insensitive; and people pass on, accidents happen and you make mistakes. I want to let you know that no matter what happens, your life is worth living. Your existence makes this earth a better place. I am so happy you are here another day to share this planet with me, and I can’t wait to see the joys this life has waiting for you.

I love you,


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