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A Love Letter Amongst These Deeply Troubling Times

Hi Black Girls, Women and Femmes, I’m here to give you all the proper care and attention you need amongst the news regarding Breonna Taylor’s court case and Megan Thee Stallion’ shooting.

You don’t deserve the violence the world heaps upon you. You didn’t deserve the harm that has been done to you. You deserve to be cherished, loved, and held dear because your existence makes this world worth saving. Without you, yes the Black Girl, Woman or Femme reading this article, the world would stop because it’d be missing it’s source of life, culture, love and understanding.

Black Women are the greatest positive influence this world has seen in all industries, both historically and contemporarily. So please, no matter how much this world tries to take you down, never forget your importance, your value and how much you deserve the peace, love, grace and compassion you give to everyone else.

So please take this weekend if you can to love on yourself and love on the Black Women around you. Take a long hot shower to wash all this negativity off of you. Delete social media from your phone. Cum. Eat your favorite snacks and cook your favorite meals. Burn some candles. Dance to your favorite music. Cherish yourself over these next few days and everyday. No seriously, work on incorporating self-love into your daily routine because it’s essential.

I love you. I love you. I love you so much.


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