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19 Days of Radical Self-Love: Day 7, Unapologetically Owning Your Beauty

Beauty is such a formless word. It has no inherent meaning, nor is it only used to describe or compliment one object or one person.

People use beautiful to describe the sky, plates of food, plants, animals, sculptures, poems, songs, clothes, and a number of other things.

We like songs because of how the artist puts words and music together in a specific way and we love food because of the different flavors and what it takes to put together a delicious meal.

And when we listen to music and eat delicious food, we can’t help but find beauty in them because of how they make us feel. Our favorite songs brighten our days and our favorite meals can heal some of our worst scars. So if we can find beauty in the most mundane of objects, like words on top of some music, or some cooked veggies and animals on top of a plate, why can’t we find the beauty in living, breathing, emotionally intelligent, multi-faceted beings like ourselves?

Why can’t you find the beauty in your construction?



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