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19 Days of Radical Self-Love: Day 6, Daily Routines

Can you believe it’s already Day 6? I’m so proud of you all for coming this far!

Our daily routines often reflect what the environment around us need, instead of what we need in order to express our truest selves. Our boss needs us to come in early, so we go to sleep earlier. Our families need us to buy groceries so we plan in time to do that. Our friends need us to show up for them, so we do. How often do we show up for ourselves?

When do we take the time to simply watch our favorite shows? How often do we go for doctor’s visits? Or get our hair cut or our nails done? When’s the last time you took a trip? Or cooked yourself a delicious meal?

These questions are important to ask ourselves because there will always be something that needs to be done for others. They exist now and they’ll exist after we die. But there won’t always be the opportunity for us to take care of ourselves. So prioritizing making time to adjust your schedule to center your own needs, and the fact that this is your life meant for you to live is essential to making the best use of the time you still have.

The journal prompt and entry space for Day 6 is available on the It’s in the Stars Patreon at:

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