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19 Days of Radical Self-Love: Day 2, Nature as Support

“Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.”

We are made of the same matter as the plants and the animals we eat for survival. The Sun ray‘s lives within our skin, and our bodies are synced to the Moon’s phases and cycles. The trees and plants around us purify the air we breathe, and 60% of our bodies is pure water.

We are inherently connected to the Earth we live on, so we can lean on her for support throughout our self-love journey. Sit by the window and feel the breeze on your face. If you can, go outside and stand in the Sun. Feel how it shines just for you. Visualize yourself sitting on the beach with ocean sounds playing in the background. Or go to Home Depot and browse the plant section, you might feel called to buy a new plant.

Never forget that our ancestors are in the breeze, and are the stars in the night sky, and were guided by the same Moon and melaninated by the same Sun. Leaning on nature as a support is also a way to connect with our ancestors who laid the foundation for us to enjoy our lives to its fullest extent.

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