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19 Days of Radical Self-Love Day 1: Redefining Self-Love

What does Self-love mean to you?

Social media has used this term so much at this point, self-love is associated with lighting a candle or buying a new pair of shoes. What if we shifted our perspective on this term?

The love of oneself should feed and nurture your highest and truest self. It should allow your most authentic self to be expressed and wholly embraced, and what this looks like can only be defined by you.

Perhaps pouring your energy into your art allows your truest and highest self to be expressed. Maybe this means allowing yourself to be showered in the Sun’s rays as often as possible. Or maybe you decide to get rid of people and situations that keep your truest and highest self suppressed. Whatever nurtures your spirit and allows your spirit to speak, is what your self-love practices could be comprised of.

Everyone doesn’t like candles and fragrant scents, and everyone doesn’t have money for retail therapy. And these notions pushed forth by social media can cause us to adopt behaviors and thought patterns that don’t actually nourish our spirit or serves our highest good.

Look inside yourself, and figure out what self-love practices look like for you today.

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