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BIYS Day 15: Must-Have Tools For Building Your Brand and Generating Content

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Hi loves, today we will be going over tools that will be immensely helpful for building your brand. This is an ongoing list, and I will make posts like this in the future as I come across more tools to aid in your success. The categories I have today are social media strategy, editing apps/tools and building your business.

Social Media Strategy

This category covers tools that will help you communicate and promote your business’s messages and initiatives through social media. I have 3 apps for this category: picMonkey, Canva, Preview.

Preview: This is a great app for planning out your Instagram feed. We all know having an aesthetically pleasing feed is what attracts and keeps followers, and preview allows you to do this. They also have a feature where you can edit your photos with filters that fit your aesthetic. You can schedule Instagram posts when you’re on the go and if you pay for premium, you can link two instagram accounts at the same time.

Canva: I absolutely love Canva. This app is for branding: logos, flyers, blog banners, YouTube thumbnails, everything under the sun. There is a paid version that gives you unlimited access to stock photos and templates. I pay for this and it is extremely worth it. All of the blog banners on each post on my blog were made using Canva. So please, if you want professional and aesthetically pleasing visuals for your website, IG or otherwise, Canva is definitely the way to go.

PicMonkey: PicMonkey is an editing and graphic design tool. I included this in the Social Media Strategy category because it allows you to make visuals specifically for Instagram and YouTube communications. It is something you have to pay for which is why I put it at the bottom of this list. This tool really helps make your visuals look professional and is worth the money if you choose to invest in it.

Editing Tools and App

This category covers apps that will help you edit your pictures for IG and videos for YouTube. This is important for developing the aesthetic that will be associated with your brand. I have four apps for this category: LightRoom, Bazaart, PicsArt, VSCO.

Adobe LightRoom: I use Adobe Lightroom to edit all of my IG photos. It is such a comprehensive app, it lets me have the opportunity to edit everything from exposure to my lace. (Yes, a lot of the wig-ologists who just post pictures and not videos of their work 9/10 edit their photos to make sure the lace looks invisible. That’s why you should ALWAYS go for wig-ologists who post both pictures and videos. :) ) This is an app you have to pay for but it is 100% worth it.

Bazaart: I really like Bazaart for my creative babies out there. This is the app you need to make any creative visual, whether it’s you being an angel in the sky or having your face fall into a million pieces. Whatever it is you’d like to communicate artistically, this app is for you.

PicsArt: PicsArt is the bigger and better version of Bazaart because it is 100% free. PicsArt is the ultimate editing app and is one of the OG apps people have used for years.

Building Your Business

This category covers tools that can help you develop your brand. I have three tools for this category.

Wix: Wix is the website that powers my blog! WOO WOO shouts out to Wix. Wix makes it super easy to create and manage a website. If you’re looking for a tool that allows you to make really professional websites this is definitely for you. You do have to pay for your domain name separately from the cost of having your site up and running. I paid a total of $200 dollars for everything. And this payment has to be renewed yearly.

Squarespace: Squarespace is very similar to Wix in that it is a great tool for creating professional looking websites for beginners. If you go on YouTube, there are tons of YouTubers who have Squarespace sponsorships and you can get discounts. One of the YouTube Channels I know who have a Squarespace sponsorship are Dennis & Jackie.

The Female Hustlers: The Female Hustlers is an online community of women who constantly produce content that is solely dedicated to personal development. They have a blog where they post articles ranging from how to stick to your goals to being the CEO of your own brand.

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