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Introducing the It’s in the Stars Project!

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Hi Loves and Happy Friday!

I hope you all are living a blessed, peaceful and loving life.

Today I am announcing to you the newest project I’ve been working on with my bestfriend, Sierra : the It’s in the Stars Project!

This project is inspired by my and Sierra’s struggles with mental health, as well as our experience with helping family members and friends who, due to their mental health, can’t work to afford rent and food. We decided it was time to make this a movement.

The It’s in the Stars Project is a direct mutual aid fund for Black Queer Womxn struggling with their mental health. It is fully funded through supporters’ donations to our PayPal, and through a subscription to our Patreon, where supporters will be paying for the content Sierra and I create 100% by ourselves. The money we receive will be used to directly help support not only Sierra and I but also the members of our community. Here’s the fun part.

On our Patreon, supporters will have 100% exclusive access to the It’s in the Stars podcast, behind the scenes footage from our photoshoots and videos, spiritual tips and routines that aid with upkeeping a healthy mental state, 100% original poetry performances by Sierra, original affirmation meditation videos for Black Womxn, vlogs known as Black Girl Joy Fridays, and so much more.

You will not be disappointed!

In addition, the Just For Black Girls site will be used as the official website for the It’s in the Stars Project. Since the content from IITS has the same goals of JFBG, which is to create a community for Black Womxn to receive mental, spiritual and emotional support for the struggles they endure, I decided it would be perfect to share IITS content on here as well.

Don’t fret about the money for the Patreon, though! The heart of the IITS content will only be accessible on Patreon, like the podcast, the poetry performances and Black Girl Joy Fridays, but we also have a YouTube Channel where we will be posting affirmation meditation videos, occasional Black Girl Joy Friday vlogs, beauty videos and a ton of other stuff that is also intended to give our fellow Black Womxn some love, light and positivity in their lives. Be on the lookout for when I drop the link to our YouTube this weekend so you don’t miss out ;)

Please don’t hesitate to join us on this journey. However you decide to support us, whether it be through becoming a patron, sending aid via our PayPal or by simply subscribing to our YouTube channel or reading and engaging with these posts, know that Sierra and I both deeply appreciate it and want nothing more but to love on and support our community of Black Queer Womxn.

Love y’all so so so much. And please don’t forget to follow Sierra and I on IG and Twitter: Sierra (@xo1_sierra on both), Azé (@mynamesaze on both)

See y’all later,

Love Azé

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