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Black Women Owned Businesses to Support: OPEN YOUR PURSE, Pt.1

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Hello Lovelies! This post is for Boss Ish Wednesday and, amidst all the nonsense, let’s try to spread some love and support to our Black Women Owned Businesses. After all, this site is all about uplifting and shedding love upon Black Women. And what’s a better way to do so than helping support their livelihoods?

In the Fashion Category — our women who’re making sure we stay slayed from head to toe— we have:

Atira Lyons:

My good sis makes silk and velvet turbans, swimsuits, beanies, head bands, and more coming soon!

Lapp the Brand:

This brand is all about sportswear! She sells leggings, sports bras, tracksuits and they have a magazine.

Legendary Rootz:

“We are a lifestyle brand for Black Women to authentically express themselves through powerful, statement-driven apparel.” Need I say more?

Lepa Styles:

This store is all about statement pieces. Her pieces are hand sewn and are completely original.

This is a personal styling company and boutique. She puts outfits together that fits YOUR PERSONAL STYLE and ships them right to your door!

This boutique caters to Black Women’s fashion and styles, but also has some items for Black Men.

She makes custom jewelry!

In the Lifestyle + Self-Care Category — making sure all of our bodily needs and home environments are taken care of— we have:

Touched By Grace Body Care:

A natural body care brand. She makes soap, body oils, beauty butters, lip scrubs and yoni bars!

She sells handmade candles and room and linen sprays!

Natural Glow and Co.:

All-natural handmade body scrubs and oils.

Honey and Cocoa Skin:

All natural and organic skincare business! Girl, they have one product called 'Black Onyx Exfoliant' made out of dead sea salt, infused with activated charcoal and peppermint. I don't know about y'all, but I'm DEFINITELY coppin' that (I included a picture of the product below).

Venus Sensations:

She sells all natural exfoliating scrubs, infused Aloe Vera Gels, and Healing Oils!

Akilah’s Essentials:

She sells all natural bath and body products! Bath salts, body scrubs, shower steamers, bath teas, milk baths and more!

Taking care of our faces — making sure they stay beat to the Gods and the skin under the makeup never stops glowin' — we have:

They donate a portion of their sales to social justice causes! They sell lashes and glosses.

A whole cosmetics brand! They have foundations, blushes, lipsticks, nail polish and so much more!

Plant derived skin care, made by a licensed esthetician.

She sells lipsticks, glosses, eye pallets, foundations and more!

She does custom press on nails!

In the category of Spirituality + Healing — taking care of all things that will bring us closer to achieving inner peace — we have:

Black Owned Crystal Shop:

She sells all kinds of crystals from Galaxy Amethyst to Apophyllite.

Natasha’s Tea:

“Healing in every cup!”

Eunoia Kalon Co:

She sells crystal jewelry, crystals and Himalayan salt diffusers.

Divine Goddess Meta: @divinegoddessmeta

She sells crystals, incense, lavender bundles and more. Her site is under construction right now, but you can check her out at her brand’s IG handle above!

I hope you all enjoy this list, my lovelies. I know each of you will find something you like or LOVE, and will not hesitate to support our fellow Black Women.

Love and Light,


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