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“Romanticize Your Life”: What Does This Even Mean?

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

“Romanticize Your Life”. I’ve been seeing this going around a lot lately, and you know what that means: whenever social media gets a hold of a phrase or term, the original meaning or intention behind the word or phrase gets watered down, turned into something else entirely, or it gets attached to a very specific image that people feel like they have to replicate, which entangles them right back into the rat race of life and social media. And this is exactly what’s happening with “Romanticize Your Life”.

Whenever I see this term now, it’s usually coupled with TikToks of people going to brunch, buying themselves flowers and candles, and several other ways people have been taught to “romanticize” thier lives through social media. I’m not annoyed because people are doing these things for themselves, those are beautiful things; I’m annoyed because I think that people are being conditioned to forget their innate ability to simply live their lives, and people are assuming that everyone has the capacity and abilities to romanticize their lives in the same ways. People are forgetting to live their lives in a way that’s authentic to them, and are instead aiming to emulate the ways other people choose to romanticize their lives. This can lead to people being more frustrated and disappointed with their lives, thinking that something is missing or that they’re doing something wrong, or that they have to work harder in order to enjoy their lives, when in reality, everyone’s lives are different and what we see on social media is not a true reflection of what life is or how it should or can be lived.

If you only have the capacity and energy to shower and give your body the necessary rest it needs because you have certain disabilities or chronic illness, take certain medicines, or if that’s just all you have the energy to do because of life’s various demands, then you can (and should!) romanticize that shower and that rest. Let those be your pieces of paradise. After all, it’s what you get to do for yourself and your overall health and wellness.

If you only have the capacity to cook home cooked meals and enjoy them in the comfort of your home, then you can(and should!) romanticize that. Or if you want to create art and order take-out, then they you can (and should!) romanticize that. It’s your life. This is your story. And what a beautiful story you have.

What I’m saying is, when you see videos and tips on how to romanticize life, and you notice that things are inaccessible to you, or the materials and experiences that are being romanticized are out of reach — whether it’s due to certain disabilities or your energy levels, or because you may be experiencing housing deprivation or insecurity— it's important for those of us who may be experiencing these things to remind ourselves that whatever we do in our lives to survive, to make ourselves comfortable, or that brings us joy, is romantic enough. There is so much beauty in our day to day lives, and, for many of us, even though those luxury apartments, king-sized bubble baths, bouquets of roses and brunches every week are not in reach (yet), that does not mean we don't get to romanticize our lives every step of the way to the luxury lifestyle of our dreams. And on the way, you may just find you’ve been living the life you’ve wanted to all along.

I think this may have been the original meaning of romanticizing your life, at least this is what Azé and I are going with. Whatever you do in your day to day, appreciate all of it, without feeling like something is missing, that you need more materials, or need to add or be any different than what you are or have the capacity to do because of pressure from social media.

We wanted to leave you all with a few affirmations that speak to romanticizing our lives in a way that’s most aligned with our highest good.

Affirmations for Seeing the Beauty in Your Life

  • My life is beautiful because it is.

  • I enjoy living my life on my own terms.

  • I release any thought patterns that make me feel like my life is less than extraordinary.

  • I simply love my life for what it is and I simply love myself for who I am.

  • I find beauty, joy, peace, and love in the way that I live my life.

  • I love my life and appreciate it in its entirety.

  • I am grateful for what has led me to this point in my life.

  • I am excited to do what brings me joy today.

  • I am excited to do what makes me feel most comfortable today.

  • I am excited to continue creating a beautiful life for myself.

  • I find beauty, joy, peace, and love in the everyday activities of my life.

  • My life is mine to live, and I live my life how I see fit.

  • I am worthy of love even on the days where all I do is survive the best way I can.

  • I give myself love and grace in every way I possibly can.

  • Whatever I have the capacity to do in a day, I will enjoy it to the fullest.

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