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An Honest Commentary on the Current State of America: It's Time for a Revolution

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

I was going to title this ‘Death to the Badge’, but that title infers that this post is about giving attention, and energy, to an institution that is built for, and upon, the death of Black Bodies. Instead, I’m going to shift my attention to those who need it most, the people who are constantly being attacked by the state.

I’m going to begin with telling you to take care of yourself and your loved ones. As evidenced by the events that have happened these past three months, life is impermanent, and you never know when you’re last hour is. Therefore, listen to your body, listen to your gut, kiss your mamas and papas, and live your dreams.

Now let’s get to business. What we are witnessing is the unmasking of America’s true likeness. It’s face is evil, corrupt and selfish. It is stupid, discriminative, and murderous. And, as many of our Black People have come to realize in Minneapolis and LA, it is time for a revolution.

Every individual in this country has the power to be the change they want to see. Maybe you’re not into being on the frontlines and suffering the consequences of tear gas. Maybe you have kids to take care of or elderly family members, and that’s OK. Activism is multifaceted. So perhaps you donate what you can to Black Organizations so they can buy supplies, or you donate the supplies you have to the people risking their lives for our humanity: the real Troops.

Your activism can also be not letting a yt person tell you ANYTHING EVER AGAIN. Fuck their ‘statistics’. ‘Crime is as low as it’s ever been’ or ‘global poverty is below 2%’ or ‘times are way better than they were in the ‘60’s’. Perhaps your activism is telling them you don’t give a fuck about their statistics as long as there are dead Black Bodies on your screen at the hands of cops. Don’t even give them the time of day because honestly? Yt and non-black people who are not marching and protesting and donating and speaking up with you, is against you. That includes every yt and non-black person who is choosing silence, ‘neutrality’ and complacency. That includes every person who ‘hates politics’ or avoids speaking up in times like this because they know they're going to be exposed for siding with the enemy. Anyone who isn’t with you doesn’t matter, so don’t worry about them.

Your activism can be telling your friends and family members to arm themselves, because the revolution isn’t going to happen peacefully. Take that as you may.

Your activism can be investing in your Black Communities. Yes, for a lot of Black Americans that means the hoods you grew up in. I’m not saying don’t get your dream house down south or in another country; I’m saying don’t have that ‘I have to escape and never look back’ mentality because that is exactly what leads to gentrification; it is exactly what leads to the Black Community’s wealth leaving our networks and being used to support other communities; and it is exactly what makes it difficult for us to stop supporting this country because we rely on it to support our living, despite how poor the support is.

And while I’m on the point of not supporting this country anymore, to the Black People who have the wealth to do so: leave. What’s keeping you here? I want the Black Community’s Wealth to stay within the Black Community so that it’s easier for us to pick up our belongings and leave when we want. So that we’re not waiting for our SSI to kick in or our pension. When we invest Black Dollars into Black businesses, community organizations and the like, and those businesses hire Black and provide Black People with the opportunity to be upwardly economically mobile, discussing how and why it’s so difficult for Black People to pick up and leave wouldn’t be a part of the conversation. So that’s the second step after realizing and understanding that America is built for the demise of Black Bodies, and staying here is inevitable death by the state.

Your activism can be respecting Black Women and calling out Black Men, and non-black women and men, that speak poorly to, and about Black Women, or mistreat them. Black Women have been, and continue to be, the backbone of this movement. There is no way in hell the Black Community is ever going to socially and economically progress in this world without addressing the misogynoir that is prevalent within our community. Black Women are tired of marching and running to the forefront for people we aren’t sure would do the same for us. So Black Women, do not be afraid to call out your male friends and family members, or people you see on your IG and Twitter feeds, out on their misogynoir. Not to say we haven’t been speaking up, but we need to make it clear that they respect us, or they’re on their own. Did you really think you were going to make it to the end of this post without me telling you Black Women deserve better from the Black Community?

Your activism can be calling out non-black people using ‘Nigga’, because I swear, after this? Every single offense toward Black People, Black Culture, Black Businesses or Blackness in general, needs to be nipped in the bud. Be honest, we’ve been letting the Bhad Bhabie’s and Gina Rodriguez’s of our Twitter, IG and school environments off the hook because constantly telling people to respect Black People is exhausting. However, these times are evidence that we cannot afford the luxury of growing weary.

Believing that this country, meaning the police force, court and prison systems, housing and medical systems, public school and work force systems, will ever work in favor of Black People -- the people who were sacrificed like animals for the creation and progression of all those systems -- is comedic.

Of course there will be people screaming, ‘we have to work for a better tomorrow’, but tomorrow doesn’t exist. Tomorrow is a concept; the only thing that exists is the present moment. And in the present moment, Black People are still being slaughtered mercilessly with no consequences for the murderers. What message does that give to our young children? That they should stay somewhere that gives them nothing but pain and trauma because… they’re setting up a better future for some unknown generation that will live in peace and harmony with yt people?

Oh, I know, you’re staying here for the opportunities, you know, because this is the land flowing with milk and honey. I don’t like statistics because anyone can make them read in their favor, but judging by Americans’ inability to comprehend basic instructions to stay away from other people to stop the spread of a mysterious, deadly virus, I KNOW our school systems are not ranked highly against other school systems in the world. And if this country can’t give your kids a somewhat decent education, their ‘opportunities’ are shot -- unless they’re yt. But if you’re reading this your kids are most likely not yt, and what’s the benefit of having your kid graduate from Harvard if they’re dead because of police violence or any other state-sanctioned violence? The man who had his life threatened by Amy Cooper is a Harvard graduate. That didn’t stop him from almost having his life taken.

The only way to make a difference for the Black Community is to be done when we say we’re done. Everything we do and every which way we move through this world has to shift in order for us to see change. We have to take up space and own the space we take up. We have to start being selfish with our time, wealth, culture and peace. No matter how nice we are, they’re going to play dirty. So suit up in every sense of the phrase: physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, financially, academically and culturally.

To my Troops out there setting things on fire, I salute you. Thank you for your service. Because the enemies we’re dealing with don’t understand peace.

To my Black Employers and CEOs, I’m so happy and proud of you and I can’t wait to support your businesses. Remember to invest your excess profits back into your communities by buying property and turning those properties into institutions that will allow Black People to stop depending on this country for support.

To my Black People who don’t feel like they’re voices matter, they do. Raise hell at your local and state government offices. Send emails and get your friends and teachers and family members to send emails expressing the same sentiments. It will be a while before the majority of the Black Community leaves this hopeless country, so in the meantime you could get small change done for your community through law and community organizing.

I’m going to end with this:

Remember that Flint, Michigan is still without water.

Remember that Black People are dying at disproportionate rates from Covid-19, and it’s because of the poor healthcare services we were given pre-Covid.

Remember that George Floyd was suffocated to death by four police officers who looked right into the camera and continued their crime brazenly.

Remember that heavily armed yt people stormed government buildings in Minnesota and the cops met them with a non-violent and calm demeanor.

Remember that Black peaceful protestors were met with tear gas and guns.

Remember that the yt people who are not standing with you, are against you.

Remember that Breonna Taylor was murdered in her apartment month’s before the Ahmaud Arbery shooting.

Remember that Regis Korchinski-Paquet, a Black Woman, was thrown off a balcony by police in Canada on May 27, 2020, with little to no media coverage or support from the Black Community.

And remember the same for Tony McDade, a Black Trans Man, who was killed by police in Tallahassee, FL on May 27, 2020; and Nina Pop, a Black Trans Woman, who was mysteriously stabbed to death in Missouri over the first weekend of May, who were also met with no media coverage or support from the Black Community.

Remember that Amerikkka is a gilded castle built on top of sand, with the inside of the castle infested with rodents and made of rotting wood.

Remember that we are all we have. We are all we will ever have.


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