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19 Days of Radical Self-Love: Day 4, Generational Trauma

Hi everyone! It’s Day 4 of 19 Days of Radical Self-Love and today is centered around generational trauma. This topic is a lot more heavy than the previous days so you may want to come back to this at a time where you know you won’t be interrupted by anyone or anything.

Have you ever noticed how your parents and grandparents have certain behaviors, thought patterns and conflict-resolution strategies that don’t always fit the circumstances at hand? It’s almost as if they’re trying to make a square-shaped object fit a circle mold? Have you ever realized these behaviors, thought patterns, and conflict-resolution strategies within yourself?

We may never know the site of the original trauma that causes our antecedents to interact and navigate the world in the ways they do, but we do know that sometimes their trauma, and the trauma from their antecedents and so on and so forth, are expressed through the interactions (or lack of interaction) with their children and other people close to them.

We, then, can, and often do, carry the seeds of their unresolved hurt, pain and trauma and we don’t realize this until we reflect on how our antecedents impacted us through their actions, and if those impacts are worth harboring in our emotional and mental bodies.

Day 4’s prompt and journal entry space where you can explore these questions is available on the It’s in the Stars Patreon at: .

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